Secrets out: not COVID-19 but free studies in Italy

By Inyiama Neche

Although, Italy is recording it’s death in thousands due to the pandemic but we can’t overlook the truth that many don’t know about.

If you have probably followed me, you would know see this as the continuation of the abroad studies. And trust me, your curiosity won’t deteriorate because It would get more bigger and alive in you to see the truth of studying abroad no one will tell you.

So today, I will be laying out the secrets of studying abroad in Italy for free.

Studying in Italy is exciting experience with unique opportunity to immerse in Italian culture and reach out to the other parts of the world. Am sure you have heard of other free tuition in other popular country like Norway, Germany, Iceland etc but it’s with a lot of competition. So it’s probably harder to get into this popular countries than entering a university here in Nigeria.

That’s why I thought to share this secret many don’t know. Italy has good universities with best world ranking and good facilities a school should have, hence it’s gradually becoming an international destination. So you better grab a seat here before it’s full.

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Different provinces in Italy offer regional scholarship for every student for low income paid families to cover their tuition (be it a public or private university), feeding and accommodation. Shocked right?. There’s more to it.
Every student be it a foreigner from any country can participate in this so far you prove you are from low income earning family.

And how do you prove that?

Through the embassy in your country. The embassy in your country has to prove to them with just a confirmation you’re eligible for this scholarship.

Though, this secret is out but there are a lot of processes to take to get this and I promise I will discuss that next time.
At the main time, you can research more on this and inquire from the Italian embassy or consulate in Nigeria for more information on this.

Meanwhile, hit the comment button let’s hear your thoughts.

“Do you want to get rich”, it’s probably more easier than you think if you do this.

Ask a poor man why you want to get rich, they will give you all kind of answer but the point is clear that he clearly wants not to be poor again. There is a nasty feeling about being poor, everyone rejects but again most people who aspires to be rich don’t take the right action to become successful even when obvious they doing so but in the opposite way of success.

Confused right?, we will be discussing that today.

Clearly anyone that wants to make it must avoid these behaviors and habit. Although, not easy but the world never give you what you don’t fight for.
So, today make sure you get the right information to put up a good fight.
Coley an acknowledged business man based on USA speaks of eleven habits that obstruct sucess.

1 Gambling: “There is no such thing as getting rich quick,” Corley writes.
“Financial success takes time, takes initiative, and requires relentless effort, he continues. Those who gamble are deluded into thinking there is a shortcut to success. In his study, 52% of poor people gambled on sports at least once a week and 77% played the lottery every week. Conversely, 84% of rich people did not bet on sports and 94% did not play the lottery.“Self-made millionaires don’t pursue any get-rich quick schemes. Instead, they make a habit of pursuing their dreams and their goals.”

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2. EATING AN UNHEALTHY DIET: Don’t be surprised by this. Don’t you know the popular adage that says, “Wealth is money”. The value of your money is your health so doesn’t joke with this. Wealthy people value their health and in addition to eating healthy, they exercise consistently, sleep seven or more hours every night, and make a daily habit out of flossing.

3. DRINKING TOO MUCH ALCOHOL: While the occasional glass of wine or beer is fine, drinking too much could impede your chances of financial success. Drinking too much could affect your memory and ability to think clearly doesn’t advise good health.

4. HANGING OUT WITH TOXIC PEOPLE: Who you hang out with matters more than you may think. Eighty-six percent of the rich people made a habit out of associating with other success-minded individuals. They also make a point to limit their exposure to toxic, negative people. You are only going to succeed in life if you surround yourself with the right type of people.”

5.   WATCHING TOO MUCH TV: The rich would rather be educated than entertained. They replace TV time with reading, thinking, exercising, or any other form of self-education.“Making productive use of time is a hallmark of self-made millionaires,” Corley says.“Wasting time is a hallmark of poor people.”

6.    NEGATIVE THINKING: The problem for most people is that they’re completely unaware of their thoughts, positive or negative, he explains: “If you stop to listen to your thoughts, to be aware of them, you’d find most of them are negative. But you only realize you are having these negative thoughts when you force yourself to be aware of them. Awareness is the key.”

7. PROCRASTINATING: Procrastination “prevents even the most talented individuals from realizing success in life,” Corley writes. This goes hand-in-hand with author Napoleon Hill’s assertion that the wealthiest people are also the most decisive people.


Whether you realize it or not, procrastination is a big reason why you are struggling financially in life. It damages your credibility with employers and fellow colleagues at work. It also affects the quality of your work and this affects the business you or your employer receives from customers, clients, and business relationships.

8. AVOIDING FEEDBACK: Fear of criticism is the reason we do not seek feedback from others but feedback is essential to learning what is working and what isn’t working. Feedback helps you understand if you are on the right track. Seeking criticism, good or bad, is a crucial element for learning and growth. Additionally, it allows you to change course and experiment with a new career or business.

9. OVERSPENDING: Spending more than you make is a surefire road to financial stress. Spending more than you make and putting saving on the back burner “creates long-term poverty, with no hope of escape,” he writes.

10. KEEPING A JOB YOU HATE: The wealthiest, most successful people pursue their passions. Passion trumps education, intelligence, skills, and any other advantage those who lack passion might have in life. Passion makes work fun. Passion gives you the energy, persistence, and focus needed to overcome failures, mistakes, and rejection. It infuses you with a fanatical tenacity that makes it possible to overcome obstacles and pitfalls that block your path.

11. STICKING TO YOUR COMFORT ZONE: We so desire to blend in, to acclimate to society, to be a part of the herd, that we will do almost anything to avoid standing out in a crowd. Yet failure to separate yourself from the herd is why most people never achieve success. While the average person finds peace of mind in familiarity, and hesitates to leave their comfort zone, rich people find comfort in uncertainty.

The pursuit of wealth requires that you take risks. Most don’t, and that’s why most are not wealthy.

Be wise and make wise decisions if you want to be rich.

You can be filthy rich if you want.Do you this is possible?Let’s hear your thoughts on this in the comment section.

Coronavirus: the big question most people are afraid to answer

By Inyiama Neche

No doubt since the discovery of coronavirus in China since December 2019, the virus which has gotten a rapid fame and spread to other countries including UK, Japan, Italy, South Korea, Germany, Iran and many other including African nations like South Africa, Ghana and even Nigeria whose first case was discovered on 24th February, 2020.

Now about the big question everyone is afraid to answer about the coronavirus case, there are more possibility it’s a negative answer.
Many will deny about having such feeling but is that the truth behind the reality?.


Businesses are shutting down every day, schools and educational institutes have closed down too. International Airports are on lockdown. Government are left with strict measure to handle the case even at deadly cost. Nothing, absolutely nothing is left out.

UK government begged its citizen to work from home. People are dying in thousands in Italy. Germany has deployed soldiers to its border to non-resident from entering. The USA, Israel, Brazil government has mass lighted its citizens from Nigeria on discovery of COVID-19 in Nigeria.

Not even that, Donald Trump had to calm down American citizens who were trooping into the airport in mass number to leave USA their home country amid Coronavirus case. The government of many great nations has even ridiculed themselves about the Coronavirus blaming it on each other.
Coming to Africa, many countries like Ghana, Kenya, South Africa, Morocco has impose strict travel ban on entry of foreign travelers. 

Even Nigeria is not left out, the government imposed travel ban on entry of people coming from those affected areas has adopted a strict measure to avoid the outbreak of the virus by imposing quarantine measure like other countries. 

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Even foreigners living in Africa before the outbreak of the virus has refused to go even at this stage their visa has expired. Chinese government has sent medical experts who helped battled the pandemic in China to Nigeria on it’s growing list of COVID-19 patients. Many government, organization, businesses and individuals has sent relief to help Nigeria battle this pandemic.

All these leave us with one question “Are people panicked and afraid about this deadly virus even when nobody is admitting it”.
I would like to know your thoughts on this.
See you in the discussion.  

“We are suffering here” – Nigeria BEA scholarship recipients in Russia complains

By Inyiama Neche

Over the years, the BEA scholarship has become very challenging contest for Nigerians. Nigeria has Bilateral Education Agreement (BEA) with non-speaking English countries like Egypt Ukraine, Turkey, Serbia, China, Macedonia, South Korea, Romania and Russia which many Nigerians participate in.

Nigeria pays for the student allowances like textbook, feeding, housing, medical insurance etc while the host country waves off the school fees and receives them. Among this host countries, Russia is the most choosen destination for Nigerians and has taken more than half scholarship receipent each year.

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The Nigeria president union of students in Russia has written telegram to Nigeria complaining they haven’t receive their student allowances resulting to them working in cold odd hours to survive. Some have been even chased out of their hostels because they haven’t paid. The lists goes on how they are being mis-treated in Russia.

Director, Federal Scholarship Board, said efforts were being made to pay the students their outstanding arrears. Ndajiwo said the board had forwarded memos to the Central Bank of Nigeria to start payment of both 2017 and 2018 arrears of the stipend.“The arrears will be paid to the scholars bank accounts,” she promised.

NAN reports that the Minister of Education, Malam Adamu Adamu, during a news conference in Abuja on Thursday also assured the students that their arrears will be paid. Adamu said the Federal Government was committed to fulfilling its financial obligations to students pursuing undergraduate and postgraduate degrees both at home and abroad.

He said: “On our part, we will do our utmost best to meet our obligations arising from all bilateral agreement as much as circumstances will permit.

They have said but we are still waiting until the issue remains passive.What’s your thoughts on this?.Hit the comment button to voice your opinion on this.We would appreciate your opinion on this.