Why I quit

Is there a more exciting and complicated phrase than “I quit”? It can feel exhilarating to the person saying it, crushing to the person hearing it and envy inducing to those learning of it (who hasn’t been following Megxit obsessively?). Quitting can be an impulsive act or a tortured decision.

A survey by The Bloomgist

Did you quit your Job, a Band, type of food, a position, a city, Sex, church doctrine, business, pressing of your Smartphone, relationship, Caring, your church, skincare, dating site, An Affair, friendships, Buying Things , drug, alcohol, masturbation, addition, Quitting , more… ad whatever you quit and tell us why.

What persuaded you to quit, and how did it go after you abandoned where you were, who you were, what you, what you used to do and and everything you stopped doing? share your stories with us with the form below.