Henshaw Jacobson Sets To Launch His Book “The Six-Figure Online Business Guide”

Henshaw Jacobson, a digital marketing professional, blogger and online business coach, is set to launch his book “The Six-Figure Online Business Guide

(how to start a profitable online business without quitting your job)

The launch, slated for Saturday, August 22nd, 2020, will be a unique opportunity for the public to understand what the book is all about and at the same time, learn how to start their digitally empowered business.

The launch will start with a book summary by Henshaw Jacobson himself, followed by review of the book by special guests.

The special guests are:

  1. James Abiona
  2. Edward Esene
  3. Eugene Abels
  4. Ibukun Komolafe (Smartphone Photography Boss)
  5. Ruth Okoro
  6. Honey Ojukwu
  7. Segun Manuel
  8. Dumebi James 

Speaking about the book launch, Henshaw said, ” I wrote The Six-Figure Online Business Guide to help people who want to build a profitable online business and improve their lives, without even quitting their regular jobs.

The book opens with my story of how I started with just my windows phone and N50 MTN data plan, delves into How online business works, the profitable online business models, The 50 profitable online business ideas and helpful digital tools, How to find, test and validate, launch your idea, promote, market, make money and scale your online business.”

Simply put, The Six-Figure Online Business Guide by Henshaw Jacobson is the ultimate guide for anyone looking to start a profitable online business or to market and scale an existing online business.

The launch will begin at 10am in the Naira Diary Facebook group, with four speaking guests,  and continue at 4pm on his Instagram page on the same day.

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Follow Henshaw Jacobson on Instagram (@henshawjacobson)

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Meanwhile, , you can pre-order the book here  https://paystack.com/pay/thesixfigureonlinebusinessguidepreorder 

Or make a transfer to 0240706981, GTB, Henshaw Jacobson.

Send a mail to henshawjacobson@gmail.com or call 08070950313 for more information.


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