5 skills you should learn during this lock down

By Akujor Clinton 

Since the lock down was declared, everything in the country seems to be on standstill. Prior to the lock down everyone was busy; we now you have plenty of free time. What are you doing with it.

You have the choice to waste it or invest in learning valuable new skills. Thanks to the internet, now you can learn almost anything online.

Most jobs would become outdated by the time the lock down is over. Hence the more reason you need to acquire new valuable skills that will help you remain relevant in the business and work place. Even top company executives recommend that workers take on a new hobby or learn new skills.


How should you go about learning a skill that would have an immediate impact after the lock down?

 First, the new skill should be practical. It should not take years to learn. Study at your own pace in the comfort of your home.

If your skill involves outdoor exercise, I advise you not to use it right now. Nonetheless, if you only want to discover a new talent that you can practice during the lock down, here are a few skills that you can learn online.


It does not extend to all IT workers, but you will undoubtedly use this enhancement in your current skills. People with coding skills will always be in demand. Think about companies and businesses that will begin to automate some of their operations and services.

Creation of content and copywriter

Businesses will always need copywriters. Content design is one of the most critical aspects of marketing, especially online. Because they use contents: images, videos, and written words to provide customers information on social media and e-mails.

Most businesses will need individuals who can create the right type of content to turn their audience to customers.

Digital Marketing

I want to encourage you to develop if you see your position as one based on achieving social goals. Facebook is situated at the crossroads of commercialization, customer experience and sales and is the source of useful business intelligence. More companies are focusing on digital marketing, selling things online.

Your ability to align your social strategy with more exceptional marketing and business goals can lead to the next stage of your career.

It is essential to understand other conventional and digital marketing approaches e-mail, conferences, lead generation, PR, and more. Such awareness will allow you to put your business socially in the broader sense of how your brand interacts with its users.

Sales Closing Skills

Regardless of the abilities and strategies of a sales person, closing a deal is and will always be a vital skill.

When the prospects are not turned to buyers, having a pipeline full of prospects would do little. The ability to close the deal would highly be needed in the job market.

Weekend briefing

Success! You’re on the list.

The closing of a transaction can be a daunting case. Not only does a sales specialist understand the expectations, preferences and concerns of the customer thoroughly, but also knows how their product or service meets those expectations.

In conclusion, these time can be tough, but use it to your advantage. Concentrate all your attention on success, and you will be shocked to see how easily the time passes.

There is an extensive range of free videos, applications and tools for learning any skill online. Start your search from Google and Youtube.

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