Lagos Health workers get 400 percent increased hazard allowance

By Agbaka Gift Lynda

The Lagos State Governor, Mr. Babajide Sanwo- Olu, has approved 400 percent increment in the hazard allowance of health officials in Lagos State from #5000 ( five thousand naira) to #25,000 ( twenty five thousand naira) for the month of April, 2020. 

The announcement of the increment was contained in a circular issued by the Lagos State Head of Service, Mr. Hakeem Muri- Okunola on Tuesday, 21st of April, 2020.

Further explaining the rationale for the increment, the Head of Service stated that the gesture was in appreciation of health workers’ in th fight against COVID – 19, as well as their daily exposure to hazardous situations. To reciprocate the kind gestures granted them, the government expects the health workers’ to show more doggedness and enthusiasm towards their duties. Muri- Okunola, however, reiterated that the collective effort of the entire workforce is required to win the battle against the deadly virus.

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Prior to now, health workers’ have escaped executing their duties since the emergence of the deadly virus. They too, fear for their lives as several health workers abroad have died due to exposure to the virus. In Nigeria, health workers are now very contious of their lives. Many hospitals have reportedly sent away patients with symptoms of Corona Virus. Some medical personnels have quit their jobs or rather remained indoors just like other business owners in fear of their lives. The few diligent health workers ready to fight the Virus are constantly complaining of poor incentives despite the life hazards attached. And for this Sanwo-Olu has compensated them.

 But is this compensation commensurate with the risk they’re exposed to?

Replying to this tweet from the Lagos State Government, some citizens still dragged the government for releasing such a little amount as a compensation for a life-threatening job. ” Nobody will be willing to die for #25,000″ they said. Many compared the amount to the huge sums looted by politicians daily, admist this COVID- 19 period. They still insist that more incentives should be added. Some health workers that replied to the tweet requested for a life insurance policy for them where in huge amount will be paid to their families in case they die while flight the Virus. 

In line with this trend, some security officials also demand to be compensated for their help in keeping the state safe during this lockdown. Officials like LNSC ( Lagos Neighbourhood Safety Corps) have requested for their own incentives as a token of appreciation and a motivation for more effectiveness. They claimed to be equally important just like the health officials during the pandemic era because their lives are also at stake as they are in full operations just like hospitals.

But however the case may be, a journey of a thousand miles, begins with a step. The Government has taken a great step which shows that Sanwo-Olu values the lives of Lagosians. He concluded by saying ” This pandemic shall also pass”. 

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