Entrepreneurship is about solving problems – Mike Ikenwa at #TheCamp20

Mike Ikenwa – founder of The Bloomgist and The Camp West

The Founder and convener of The Camp West, The annual entrepreneurship conference for startups, youths and young business owners in Lagos, Mike Ikenwa has told young people in the region that the only way to succeed as an entrepreneur is to learn to discover problems, and bring out solutions to them.

Mike in his opening remark at the last edition of the event, #TheCamp20 said that when you look at all the successful people in the world today, they are people that are bringing out solutions to people’s problems.

Below is the opening remark by Mike Ikenwa at the 4th edition of The Camp West with the theme – Disrupt.

“Good morning all,

I heartily welcome you all to the first day of The Camp, the West African entrepreneurship conference for start-ups, youths and young start-ups. I’m really excited to have you all here from different countries and different states of this great country, Nigeria.


First, I must thank deeply Ugochukwu Okonkwo, the young man whom many of you know as Ugo Bloomgist, the managing director of The Camp Org. And production executive of The Bloomgist, a news and analysis media that is richly curate for Africa, and Africans and the rest of the world to see different sides of the stories that are shallowly covered by other Medias. Thanks to Ugo, for working tirelessly all through alongside me in organising this important event.

Just few days ago, late at night, I was on the phone with Mr Uzozie, the keynote speaker of this year’s The Camp, and while discussing the future of the start-ups in the sub-region, he made a comment that I took very serious. He said to me and I quote “Entrepreneurship must be associated with problem solving, if you really want to disrupt the market”

The Camp West

Mr. Uzozie further, during the conversation, gave me instances like AirBnB that capitalized on the problem people find in getting accommodation around them, and what they did to disrupt the accommodation market is to create a platform that allows people to easily find a place to stay wherever they travel with just a very small budget compare to hotels, as well as giving people the opportunity of making money by renting out their properties to people who needs them for a period of time.

So you see, we are gathering here today to discuss, reveal and learn ways to disrupt our markets using tools available to us for free and new ideas that will help us build our brands, but the question is, how well have you studied your market, how well do you even know your market and how prepared are you to do that?


 I stand before you today as the founder of The Bloomgist, the media that is read by more than 80% young and smart Africans with contributors in 12 African countries and 7 other countries outside the continent. Bloomgist publishes 45 indept contents every day through five key lines of business: Bloomgist News: an independent news and analysis network; Bloomgist Style: a digital magazine that focuses on fashion, living, beauty, food recipe, movies and design coverage; Bloomgist Podcast: a podcast department of the media, as well as Bloomgist TV; an online TV with deep contents that ranges from special reports, lifestyle, entertainment and technology.

At The Bloomgist we have 55 Journalists on staff, 12 Languages spoken by staff, 750 thousand Monthly global readers and 28 thousand total subscribers as of December 2019.

Let us make this edition of The Camp count for West African youth by implementing the ideas, tools and skills we are going to gain in today’s event smartly in our businesses and by spreading the word.

I welcome the discussions that we will have during the conference and look forward to a better society powered and run by smart and young entrepreneurs developing businesses that disrupts markets while solving problems.

Thank you.”

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