11 best vacation sites for an epical Christmas

The Yuletide is welcomed with overwhelming activities all over the world. As is known, it’s that period of every year, wherein the birth of Christ, is commemorated.

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Besides this, it also is a season which unites families, friends and loved ones, giving them ample space to have quality time from the busy timeline, that the year brought.

With this notion at heart, people travel to and from neighbouring and far distances, just to ensure they have a noteworthy celebration. Apart from the regular indoor engagements, people try the most they can, to visit notable tourist sites, which will grant them the optimal pleasure they seek. 


Nigeria, an unarguably prominent country, situated at the heart of Africa, is wholesomely blessed with amazing tourist sites in some of the beautiful states that make it up. This is the singular reason why a great amount of both its nationals and foreigners, love embarking on vacations, picnics and adventure spree to these very admirable places of attraction.

1. Olumo Rock

This is one of the most famous attraction sites, situated in Abeokuta, the Ogun State capital.

The state’s capital – Abeokuta, is a Yoruba derivative meaning ‘Under the rock’ and this helps with a clue of the rocky plains that encompasses the city. Olumo Rock performed the role of a shield, protector and fortress for the inhabitants of the town back in the 19th century, when there were wars. With the aid of an elevator, a tourist can make it to the rock’s summit where a large expanse of the town can be viewed from. Olumo Rock is sincerely worth the try.

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2. Lekki Conservation Centre

This is widely recognized as one of the best nature reserves in Nigeria, situated in Eti-Osa Local Government Area in Lagos State, on Lekki Peninsula. It was established in 1990 as an arena for wildlife preservation, biodiversity and recreational values. The centre serves as an appropriate picnic and relaxation spot for the inhabitants of Lagos and tourists.

It features the 401 metres lengthy, longest canopy walkway in Africa, which affords people the opportunity to get a bird’s-eye view of the forest’s scenery. The Lekki Conservation Centre presents a superbly tranquil environment, distinct from the otherwise loud nature of Lagos. 

3. Obudu Mountain Resort:

Here is another pleasurable site, formerly known as the Obudu Cattle Ranch, found in Calabar, the Cross Rivers state capital. It is one resort any adventurer would die to visit, time and time again, owing to the classy natural endowment it heralds- moderate temperature, eye-catchy valleys, attractive landscape, cable cars, waterfalls and epic canopy walkway. The Obudu Mountain Resort is everything and more.


4. Zuma Rock

This is another renowned tourist site in Nigeria. The Zuma Rock described to have the face of a human is amicably seated in Mandalla, Niger State, to the North of Abuja.

A dominant attribute of this irresistible natural endowment is its ability to make fire during a heavy downpour. This specially happens at the apex of the rock, every rainy season. 

5. National War Museum

The National War Museum is found at the centre of the Abia State capital, Umuahia. It offers an avenue for not only having a delighting time-out, but also a memorable learning about the Nigeria war history.

It is sectioned into three categories viz; the Traditional Warfare gallery, Armed Forces gallery and the Civil War gallery, which all have diverse artifacts, for ultimate viewing bliss. 

6. Yankari Game Reserve

Here is a common place of visit for most tourists. The reserve is seen in Bauchi State. An adventure to this alluring site reveals how nature’s finest animals are beautifully tamed and tended for, not excluding the exposure to the large tropical forests, captivating activities anyone would never get tired of giving a try.


7. Ikogosi Warm Spring Resort

This warm spring is often referred to as a natural wonder, due to the unparalleled feature it presents. Situated in Ekiti State, the warm spring is a mixture of the cold and the warm water. It is not a common idiosyncrasy and as such, makes tourists easily attracted, alongside the hills and nice landscape it comes with.

8. Oguta Lake Complex

The Oguta Lake Complex, otherwise called the Oguta Fresh Water Lake, is seen in Oguta Local Government Area, in Imo State. With its tremendous services as : The Cruise Boat ride, the International Standard Golf Course, Kids recreational park, the complex makes for a suitable leisure site, for people in search of true comfort and relief. 

9. Osun Sacred Grove

Located on the outskirts of Oshogbo, Osun State, in Nigeria, the Osun Sacred Grove is known to be ‘The Osun’, the fertility goddess in Yorubaland. In honour of the goddess, an annual festival occurs in Oshogbo. Also, reports state that a certain number of plant species used for medications are found in there.

10. Idanre Hills

Another eye-candy for tourists found in Ondo State. The remarkable hill is composed of high plains and spectacular valleys. The hill has loads of interesting physical characteristics anyone would just not look over. They are the mysterious and unreadable writings inscribed on the rock, old courts, shrines, thunder water (Omi Aopara), burial grounds and the conspicuous Aron River, visited by tons of people overtime, due to its natural healing power.

11. Nike Art Gallery

This is an eminent five-storey building located in the city of Lagos, perfect for any connoisseur of arts. As the name portrays, the gallery is bedecked with various irresistible artistic paintings, drawings, craftworks, beadworks, embroidery, stone works, carvings, traditional weaving, dyeing and all things art-related.

This edifice uses art as a fraction of human life narrate stories in different forms. Its building is embellished with uncommon marbles and varying artistic graphics that consciously leaves anyone ignited towards the arts. 

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