Buhari loves Nigeria, believe me

President Buhari has in recent years tried very hard to make known his love for Nigeria in so many ways. Some of these ways we have denied to see and understand even when it’s obvious they are meant for us and of the good of pour failing country.

  • By Sade Olakunke

Like since coming into power, he has approved so many new laws that past presidents has refused to approved, and gone after so many political powers that many are afraid of going after, and is still doing more.

It’s, from all indications, his love for the country that President Buhari even came back to power, knowing that he is definitely going to drop his former title “General” which sounds more of who he is and who he is known for, to bowing to the democratic founders who rather take up the title “President” as their titles. That is not an easy decision to make, you think it is? Now let’s see it this ways.


Dropping that title [general] while in power obviously means you have to do away with so many things you can do, and what you really crave for, even though those that don’t understand it calls it ‘tyranny’, but it’s not, it’s just a way of seeing things done in a country where its people don’t have regards for the president and don’t plan to obey whatever he says.

Another reasons to show His love is to forget about what it feels like giving command which doesn’t need any validation from anyone or approval from anybody, to subjecting himself to a position where he needs the approval of the house of assembly to execute his plans. who does that, if not one that love his country?

Another view of his love for the country is how he quickly warned of foreign nations from interfering with our politics and to allow us settle our fight in our own house.

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The Nigerian government said it will not accept “foreign interference” in February’s presidential elections after the EU, UK and US spoke out against the sudden suspension of the chief justice.

The three western powers issued statements voicing concern over how President Muhammadu Buhari’s decision to suspend the judge might affect the conduct of elections in Africa’s most populous country. As Nigeria’s senior judge, Walter Onnoghen would have played a key role in deciding any legal challenges to the results of the presidential race between Mr Buhari and former vice-president Atiku Abubakar.


In a statement, Mr Buhari’s spokesman, Garba Shehu, warned that the government “will fiercely and assiduously promote the will and the right of Nigerians to choose and elect their leaders without pressure or assistance from persons or entities that are not constitutionally empowered to participate in the process”.

He added the security forces were ready to confront any attempt to interfere with the process “whether by elements within or from outside the country” and reiterated the government’s “insistence on free and fair elections”.

Buhari’s love for Nigeria has continued to make manifest through different policies he has introduced in recent times, like the bother closure, which despite the suffering and not-so-good strategies and no serious plans to improve life at this point of the president is still in place.

The president said the activities of the smugglers threatened the self-sufficiency already attained due to his administration’s agricultural policies.

In the statement to explain the bother closure, the presidency made a statement saying “Now that our people in the rural areas are going back to their farms, and the country has saved huge sums of money which would otherwise have been expended on importing rice using our scarce foreign reserves.

“We cannot allow smuggling of the product at such alarming proportions to continue,” he said.

The Nigerian President said the limited closure of the country’s western border was to allow Nigeria’s security forces develop a strategy on how to stem the dangerous trend and its wider ramifications.


There are more ways to note Buhari mean well for Nigeria, like how he quickly go against anyone spewing hates on social media on the politicians which he is doing through the introduction of the hate speech bill. How he is making sure that people can’t speak any time they want and express themselves freely on the only platform where everyone has a voice by introduction the Social Media Bill.

Other ways include the clamp down on the media houses and its journalists who dare to speak evil of our beloved President and His colleagues in Abuja, arrest of opposition who have made it difficult for our dear president to come change the situation of the masses from bad to [worse] good, and how he is doing His best that everyone get what they deserved either by the SSS going after the big boys, or the SARS after our young entrepreneurs doing their best, or the EFCC going after some rich guys that can’t afford a lawyer, whichever ways, this is all but for the love of the country, Nigeria.

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