7 local dishes you need to try as you visit Nigeria this Christmas

Nigeria is located at the western part popularly referred to as the Giant of Africa because of her large population, its economy, different ethnic groups, different languages and her wide variety of cultures.

By Asogwa Precious

The Nigeria cuisine is known for it’s richness and Varieties especially when it comes to her native food. It is mostly consists of different spices, and herbs. It’s a well all known fact that Nigeria dishes are over priced and packaged abroad and might not give you that local homemade or unique taste you crave for.

Some of these food can make you home sick, if you’re a Nigerian living Abroad or planning on Visiting for the first time. Here’s a list of some mouthwatering Nigeria dish you shouldn’t miss! 

African Salad

Popularly known as ‘Abacha’ is a mouthwatering dish mostly common eaten in the Eastern part of Nigeria. It is made of shredded cassava. Abacha is Rich in nutrients as ingredients such as crayfish, garden eggs, potash, stock fish are used to prepare this local dish. This scrumptious dish is one of my favorite Nigeria dish.


Ewa Agoyin

There is a saying that Ewa Agoyin isn’t complete without agege bread. This local dish will most likely make you a beans lover if you’re not because of it’s unique taste. It’s a local dish in the southern part of Nigeria and it is best served with bread, yam or fried plantain. It is made of beans which is usually soft or smashed.


This is a lip smacking dish you shouldn’t miss on your stay in Nigeria. No words can do justice to this delicacy which is common among the Igbos. It is made using cow leg, cow head or any assorted meat. It is very delicious. If you have never eaten this delicacy, you have been missing out. Just a taste will make your taste buds crave for more.


Banga soup with Starch:

Banga soup is made out of palm fruits, a local dish that is common among the Delta region, mostly the Urhobo’s. And it is also loved and enjoyed by a lot of tribes in Nigeria, for instance the Edo’s, This delicious meal can be served with Eba, starch or any choice of swallow.

Tuwo Shinkafa

A popular dish among the northerners, this is made with soft rice which can be served with miyan kuka or any delicious soup of your choice.



It is one of the most delicious dishes common among the Efik and the Ibibio’s of akwa ibom states. It is a stew made with Afang leaves (okazi, Eru) as known in other tribes and assorted meat of your choice. It can be eaten with Fufu, Pounded yam, Eba, or any swallow of your choice. Rich in nutrients, Afang soup can be made vegan.

Nigeria Jollof

Nigerians know that just like fried rice there’s no party in Nigeria without it. It is referred to as the mother of Nigeria dishes. It is known for its unique taste and aroma. It is made using long grain rice. This is my favorite kind of rice and I always look forward to eating it. It can be served with any assorted meat/chicken, it also goes well with Moi Moi and salad vegetables.

Let us know which Nigeria dish you miss and will like to try as you visit this Christmas.

Asogwa Precious is a Bloomgist writer, and is currently studying Economics at National Open University of Nigeria Abuja.

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