Press release: The Camp 2019 to hold on Saturday 16th

The Camp

As part of the continued quest to impact the African society through its programmes and stories, The Bloomgist is hosting its landmark event – The Camp 2019 to bring the most creative and curious young entrepreneurs in Lagos to share powerful innovative ideas to build an entrepreneurship friendly atmosphere. The two day summit will host an audience of 300+ and feature a number of high profile keynote speakers, panels and on-stage interviews.

The camp is an annual programme organised by The Bloomgist to bring youths, entrepreneurs, creative artists, writers, digital journalists, bloggers and the creative mind in one place to share, educate, enlighten, network and find a way to assist each other in our creative and revolutionary projects and help one another develop our great dreams.

“Time” – the 2019 theme

The theme for the 2019 edition; TIME, is designed to bring to the youths the need to act on time and the many benefits of keeping to time. As a young entrepreneur, you have many other things to do and many others competing fore the same market, time is so important and vital to growth.

Taking place in FESTAC, Lagos Nigeria, the event will see powerful influencers including young female entrepreneurs leading in the fight against sexual abuses on young females in our society, successful business owners convene to address the many challenges facing the young entrepreneurs due to lack of support and access to funds and mentorship. The event will also discuss the effect of family backgrounds and it’s way of determining the fate of our youths, as well as many others.

The summit will take place on Saturday March 16, at The Place Restaurant, FESTAC Town, Lagos. The event will be hosted by The Bloomgist’s Tracy Okolie.

Other Speakers will include:

  • Chuks Eccil: CEO, MECCI international company.
  • Stephen P Chidiebere: Life-Coach & CEO, Crownforth Learners Consult
  • Nancy Herberts: Founder, Noble Fingers Resources
  • Muyiwa Awoniyi: Founder and creative director, TLS Publishers LTD
  • Sam Diala: Veteran Journalist with Leadership Newspapers

Mike Ikenwa, Editor-in-Chief, The Bloomgist said:

“We have a lot of work to do to help our young, growing and innovative entrepreneurs building platforms and and projects to make our society better, we have less resources to do that, but what I am so certain is that no matter how little it is, we will use whatever is available to make African society a very viable place for the world, one step at a time, and The Camp is just the platform’

– Mike Ikenw

You can learn more and register for the event on

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