Revealed: Why Lagos lawmakers want to impeach Ambode

By Barrister Bolanle Cole/By Akinola Richard.

Late last night, l spoke with someone close to Ambode on what was going on and he told me that the main veiled allegation was that Ambode was funding Agbaje, though this was not mentioned on d floor of the House, yesterday. He described the allegation as ludicrous, his accusers having previously failed to establish that he sponsored thugs to disrupt the party rally weaks ago.

Akinwunmi Ambode
Akinwunmi Ambode

He wondered if it was possible for Ambode to fund the opposition without Abuja knowing, when he knew that all eyes were on him and was being closely monitored. He stated that Ambode had substantially supported the Sanwo -Olu campaign.

“All these campaign publicity materials all over Lagos, where do you think they are coming from? Do you know that there are hundreds of campaign staff working for Sanwo-olu and they are being paid? Who do you think is picking the bills? The Governor of course.
The problem is that some party leaders, claiming to be acting for the Sanwo-olu campaign council, are asking for the Governor to give them N3.5 billion for the campaign but the governor refused.

Don’t forget he is an accountant. He deals directly with the party’s governorship candidate. Coupled with this is the crazy campaign financial demands of members of the House of Assembly. They want the governor to finance their campaign, making unreasonable demands, telling the governor that that was the tradition. But Ambode refused.

This is one of the reason they first refused to allow him present the 2019 budget until he settled their campaign expenses. When that blackmail did not work, they started their last night’s impeachment moves, accusing the governor of spending money without House’s authorization.

It’s just a smokescreen. That is the truth. If there is anyone working for the opposition, they are members of the House, otherwise why this move barely two weeks to the presidential election? Is it not to sabotage the president’s election?

They would be shocked that everyone would go down in this exercise, including them. Orun nyabo kii soro enikan (meaning, if the heaven falls, it falls on everybody, not on one person).

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