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Mugabe successor’s Mnangagwa warns he will not tolerate anarchy

Zimbabwe’s President Emmerson Mnangagwa has warned that he will not tolerate anarchy, as tensions mount ahead of Monday’s elections – the first since long-serving ruler Robert Mugabe was forced to resign.

His comments came as police banned an opposition demonstration due to take place on Wednesday against the electoral commission in the capital, Harare.

Police said they were too busy making final preparations for the elections to provide security at the march.

The main opposition MDC Alliance had called the protest to demand greater transparency in the handling of ballot papers, saying this was vital to guarantee a free and fair poll.

Speaking at an election rally on Tuesday, Mr Mnangagwa said:

“If anyone causes anarchy, the rule of law will prevail. We will not allow chaos in our country. We want peace.”

Mr Mnangagwa’s comments were seen as directed at his main challenger, Nelson Chamisa, who has said that the opposition will “shut down the country” if its demands for electoral reform were not met.


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