Photos from the wedding ceremony of the Ooni of Ife

Ooni of Ife was absent at his own wedding!

But be calm..It is tradition. A king does not go out to seek a wife. Lol. All he needs to do is pay her bride price and she will be his forever. A crowned king does not ‘ask’ for something to be his own, he takes it.

He has however paid his new bride’s dowry which is N25 only.

See the beautiful photos below:

Ooni wedding 1

Ooni wedding 2

Ooni wedding 3

Ooni wedding 4

Ooni wedding 5

Ooni wedding 6

Ooni wedding 7

ooni of ife wedding15
ooni of ife wedding14 ooni of ife wedding13ooni of ife wedding12 ooni of ife wedding11 ooni of ife wedding10

ooni of ife wedding8

ooni of ife wedding7

ooni of ife wedding6

ooni of ife wedding6

ooni of ife wedding3

ooni of ife wedding2

ooni of ife wedding

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