Oya.com & God Is Good Introduces private Jet As A New Transport Service!

Oya.com.ng, is Nigeria’s number one online bus ticketing portal has partnered with God is Good Motors to expand their fast growing online bus ticketing service. But no one could have predicted this outcome- a private bus charter service with all the features of a private jet! This new service which is called Jet Van Luxury Travels, is a joint venture between Oya.com.ng and God is Good Motors.

Now if you are that traveler who likes to travel in class and fun, there is no need to settle for less than a pleasant road journey by your typical public transport vehicle/your car. With bullet proof covering, exotic finishing, on the inside and outside of the buses, seats adjustable to whichever sitting and sleeping positions you choose to adopt, WIFI enabled environment that allows you relax, dream and connect the future you can now have a luxurious trip to any destination! Naturally, Oya.com.ng has ensured that the prices are affordable!

To book for this charter service:
Visit: http://oya.com.ng/hire.aspx ; http://oya.com.ng/charter.aspx
Send email to: support@oya.com.ng OR call 01-6329271

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